About Us

Who are Partyrockerz? Like many other successful businesses, we started out
as just an idea in the mind of someone that thought “what can we do to relieve
party organisers of the stress of gathering up different entertainers for a party?”
BOOM! That moment right there was the birth of Partyrockerz.

Partyrockerz started out in Sydney and has developed to have a distinct
reputation that displays nothing but brilliance and quality. It started out with
a single entertainer bringing life and excitement to a couple of parties in a month,
then a few more each week, and just like good news travel like wildfire and because
the demand became higher, the owners of Partyrockerz decided to add a couple of
staffs to the team, just so the demands could be met appropriately. And, at the same
time maintain an astounding quality.

At Partyrockerz we are extremely passionate about kids. We believe that in the era
we live in now dance and music can go a long way in developing a child’s creative
expression and self-confidence. Though not really regarded as a ‘sport’, but it is that
one competition that is individual, no rules, and no right or wrong moves.

At all the events Partyrockerz have been honoured to grace, our entertainers always
encourage kids to dance in their own way and not try to mimic anyone else. This
way we try to create a safe haven for kids, where they get to express themselves
freely. Also, we have extended packages that expand this process, which are
specifically designed to boost the self-esteem of kids.

Supported by a team with years of experience, research has been carried out and we
have been able to fine tune the art of disco party. This has led to the creation of a
successful formula that enables nothing but success.

We have expanded and now we are able to attend any event anywhere within
Sydney – be it your house, a fundraiser, hall, community centres, or even at the
comfort of your backyard, Partyrockerz will definitely come and give your
children the highest quality of entertainment.

What do we do?

Based in Sydney, we do the following:

  • We organise a structured disco party where children get to be the star of the day
  • We give children the opportunity to sing on real microphones
  • Children also get to request for their favourite songs
  • We engage children in a number of team building disco party games
  • We hand out prize incentives to children throughout the duration of the disco party, which is included in all our packages.