DIY Professional Cookies!

These amazing looking cookies are so simple to make, absolutely anyone can make them quick and easy.


All you need is a basic box cookie mix – you can make your own from scratch, but I find the box is faster to make if you’re time poor and the pre mix box keeps the cookies fresher for longer incase you need to make them a day or two in advance, I always go for this Coles brand, i have tried others like the betty crocker mix but personally the Coles brand has had better reviews from friends and family (just leave out the smarties).


Fondant any colour you are after, you can pick up white and coloured fondant from your local supermarket or cake store.

The tools you will need are; Rolling pin, cookie cutters, new small paint brush and a cup of water.
To make these amazing cooking all you need to do is follow the
ingredients on the box, once ingredients are combined,

seperate cookie dough into two parts and wrap in cling wrap then place in the fridge for 5mins – this method helps to roll out the mix so it’s easy to cut into shapes.
While cooling prepare two trays with baking paper.

Roll out the first batch of cookie dough to how ever thick you would like your cookies, I like mine to have the same ratio to icing, so quite thin which ultimately gives me more cookies from the dough.

Once dough is rolled out, cut cookies into desired shape, once
a tray is full start cooking, I always cook per box’s instructions but keep an eye on the cookies, take cookies out once golden and place on a cooling rack.

Cooies-blog-post-3     Cooies-blog-post-4

Once all cookies are cooked you can start on your fondant i start by laying our two large sheets of baking paper to place my finished fondant on, its good to let the fondant dry a little before placing onto your cookies. With the fondant i do the exact same process as the cookie dough, I roll the fondant and cut out with the exact same cookie cutter and place aside on baking paper to dry.

After a hour or so when the cookies have completely cooled, I get a small glass of water and with my paint brush i paint the smallest amount of water where i would like the fondant to go on the cookie, the water acts as glue to keep the fondant in place. If you feel creative and have extra time you can use some extra fondant to add a little extra on top of you cookie fondant to give it a little something special, Get creative!


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