Going back to school

Going back to school after the holidays can be tricky, both for children and parents. After six weeks of free time that was consumed of fun and play it is time to get back to everyday life with its responsibilities and chores. School can cause some anxiety, stress and tiredness in children but Fortunately they have amazing parents, who try to help to make the transition back to school life as smooth as possible.

If you are worried how your child will cope with school, here are some tips that ease the first few weeks of school for both of you. Make sure you are stocked up on all necessary supplies. Missing books, notepads or other supplies that might add to the stress. Being prepared, at least supply-wise, can give a feeling of security, a feeling of being in charge of the situation, More importantly have a chat with your kids, See how your child is feeling about going back to school?

Understandably, kids might be apprehensive about it. In such case you let them know that as much fun as school holidays are, school is very important. Try to be understanding, but also try to get your little one excited about school activities and new things there are to learn. Remember to ask if they have any worries about upcoming school-days. Sometimes the anticipation of upcoming events builds up unnecessary anxiety. Talking about their fears can help to calm them down. Certainly the first day at school with a upbeat attitude will be more successful than one spent with a heavy heart.

The Night before school starts prepare everything that can be prepared for next day. Pull out the outfit, pack the back, and prepare lunch. That way, even if you child isn’t a early riser everything is in its place to grab and go. Make night before preparation a part of a regular schedule.

It is very important to make a schedule that your child can follow. However monitor how your child is coping with a set timetable. Just think of the first few weeks as adjusting weeks and don’t be too down if the schedule keeping is not to a tee. Despite your busy work life try to stay interested in your child’s school life. Make sure school is not overwhelming; offer your help with homework. It is not only a way to offload some responsibility and ease child into school duties. This is also a chance to bond and spend some quality time together.

On the weekends plan something nice for the family. Spending long hours at school might make children think that there will be no more time for play. Weekdays filled with school work, homework and house chores might put a strain on their happiness. That’s why it is so important to take some time off on the weekends. A good idea is to hold a back to school party. Such a party is a perfect place for kids to have fun in non-school environment. At the same time they can bond with their schoolmates and de-stress.

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